Online support

TestVision itself contains extensive online help with explanations on all functionalities.

Are you a new TestVision user? We recommend that you watch the tutorials on this website. Example tests  (only available in Dutch) with example questions are also available.

The TestVision documentation page contains various digital manuals and task resources:

  • Implementation manuals
  • User instructions and task assistance for those who want more in-depth knowledge on specific sections of TestVision

Click on the link in the main menu help link to go to this documentation page.

TestVision User Association

You can also get help from the TestVision User Association (TGV).

TestVision has evolved into a comprehensive package over the last 20 years. To continue to fulfil the wishes of the users, the TGV was established in May 2006. This group meets up to share experiences. The output of these meetings is input for improvements and the development of new functionalities.

Test support

From the ambition ‘Teelen: facilitating knowledge’, Teelen wants to help TestVision users as much as possible to create good questions and tests. We achieve this with a range of services for testing. We have also written several self-released books in the Test quality in practice series. The first (in Dutch) provides answers to How do I create good tests with open and closed questions? and the second part (in Dutch) takes a closer look at How do I create good assignments?. We also wrote an English version; How to create good questions and tests?.

Visit our website for more information on our organisation, our services related to learning and testing and the books we can supply to facilitate and test your knowledge.